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Jason Sebastian Russo

Shake loose the cobwebs, rattle your bones, and get the word out that Marley’s Ghost is coming to town. We need you, old souls and lively spirits alike, to help us spread awareness about the band and the music. Skeleton Crew members – get free admission to our gigs, free CDs, T-shirts and other cool Marley’s Ghost stuff, plus the satisfaction of knowing your karma is in good stead. We welcome your feedback and your help. So if it sounds good, read on and sign up now. Thanks!


  • Postering/Flyering
    If we’re headed to your town to play a show, we send you posters and/or flyers and ask that you post them in conspicuous places. There are some basic places to do this and good rules of thumb to follow.
    Good places to post and flyer: Any public areas where posting bills is acceptable: College Campuses, Record Stores, Book Stores, Cafes and Gathering Places. Be creative while respecting local ordinances. Don’t do anything that would get you or us in trouble. Store owners often allow posters in their windows if you ask kindly. These are great postering locations as the posters stay protected from the elements and random poster collectors.
  • Radio WavesRequest your local radio stations to play Marley’s Ghost. If they don’t have our music, give us their info – station name, address, dj, name of program – and we’ll send it to ‘em right quick.
  • PromotersRequest your local festival and venue promoters to book the band. If they don’t know about us, give us their info and we’ll send ‘em what they need.
  • Online
    If there are music sites on the Internet that you dig and think they should have Marley’s Ghost music for download, streaming or online listening, let us know and we’ll get our tunes uploaded for downloading.
  • Live Recording
    Marley’s Ghost is happy to have you tape their shows. Once you’ve done so, pass along a copy to a friend and encourage them to do the same. Pass along our tour schedule, particularly if your friend is in another town.
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